The introduction of the "heavy" policy has aroused widespread concern in the society. In fact, in 2014, the Ministry of Education issued the "comments on further reducing and standardizing the score and grading of the college entrance examination". From January 1, 2015, 5 additional items, such as the cancellation of the special sports students, the Olympic competition of the middle school students, the competition in science and technology, the outstanding students at the provincial level, the outstanding ideological and political morality and so on, are required. . This year's announcement is only a further emphasis on the total elimination of the 5 bonus points. According to the requirements of the Ministry of education, the enrollment policy of "abolish the college entrance examination plus scores" has been implemented in all provinces and municipalities in 2015. The author's Guangdong province is in the forefront of the country. In May 2014, Guangdong Province issued the notice on the adjustment of the college entrance examination plus points for the Guangdong province and the further strengthening of the management work. The project to cancel the bonus points included the Olympic competition in various disciplines of middle school students, all kinds of science and technology competition and vocational college skills competition projects and provincial level. Excellent students and so on.

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  The enrollment policy of abolition of the college entrance examination has been implemented for 3 years in the whole country, and has been in a smooth transition in the past 3 years. The policy issued by the Ministry of education this year is to raise the opinion to the level of notification, which has no greater impact on the majority of examinees. In the past 3 years, the implementation of this policy has reduced the corruption in enrollment process to a certain extent. Because of the substitution of the policy of "self enrollment", the measures for selecting the source of students in the first-class universities are more abundant and reasonable.

  There are still many misunderstandings in the community about this admissions policy.

  One of the misunderstandings is: abolish the extra scores of sports majors, which is a challenge to campus sports, to student sports and to students' health. On the one hand, the abolition of special sports bonus items, although it is not clear against the students to participate in sports, and does not deny the school sports education, but will inevitably increase the difficulty of the campus sports work and the students' Sports pressure; on the other hand, the elimination of sports extra long students bonus items, sports like sports special students will be lost. Competitive advantage, a sense of frustration in physical exercise. The original actively arrange student sports schools, will be uncharacteristically."

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  This kind of argument is very partial and extreme. First, school physical education is a part of the regular teaching, is a required course for all students, and is part of the extracurricular activities. It will not be influenced by the bonus of a few sports special students. Secondly, with the improvement of the living standard of the people in China, the customs of the whole people's sports have been formed, and the primary and middle school students have the sports activities. Hobbies and participation grow day by day, which is one of the characteristics of social progress. We have seen more and more parents let their children take part in a variety of special sports training. Their aim is to enhance their children's physical quality, to develop their children's sports skills and hobbies, rather than to score for the college entrance examination.

  The two misunderstandings: "after the abolition of the Olympic competition in the middle school students, the school will not attach importance to the competition, and the enthusiasm of the students to participate in the competition of the subject will be greatly reduced."

  This did not happen. I predict that it will not happen in the future. The first class university is more willing to enroll the 5 college students with excellent results. It is a kind of cognition that the relevant universities and colleges have followed the results of the academic performance of different types of students in University for many years. As a whole, the students are better at college, because these students are the best students selected by the best middle schools in various places. They have a lot of spare time. Besides the national curriculum required by the normal high school, it takes a lot of time and effort to study the competition course (usually the University. " Related courses). After entering university related majors, they are more competent than others, have broader vision and have clearer understanding of their majors.

  Participation in the 5 universities (Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer) is usually the "patent" of the best schools in the provinces and cities, and only these schools have qualified teachers and students. Whether it was the competition before 2010, the competition for the competition before 2014, or the competition students' participation in the autonomous enrollment of the first class universities, only 5 or 6 of the high schools benefited from the provinces (municipalities), at most no more than 10 high schools.

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